Here at EcoClub, apart from being sports fans, we are multi-disciplined engineers with a sense and history of sustainability, innovation and adapting to the changing world. We started out as civil and water engineers; added building services and then over the past decade we have been at the forefront of LED lighting and renewables. All the time playing, watching and enjoying sports.

Now we are adapting to our change world and Covid-19. A variation of our sports pitch automated camera solutions provides real time counting of people in and out of commercial premises, thereby helping businesses comply and manage social distancing, without a full time door person. Please see Count4 for full details.

Lights4Work has the experience of providing turnkey advanced lighting solutions, retrofit and new build, with more than 150,000 luminaires successfully installed and several national awards gained. We provide clever low maintenance, advanced control central driver and wireless controlled LED lighting solutions.

In 2018, after many years visiting sports facilities staring at lighting columns and indoor lights (that’s why we were not good players), we finally decided to do something about it. So voila, we set up our Lights4SportTM division. This is focused on internal and external lighting for sports facilities to include solar powered LED lighting and means now we get to go and stare at even more lights. 

ClubTV4Sport is a bolt on to Lights4Sport providing clever camera pitch maintenance heat maps and just go a little further (bit more money, but not much) and you have a full club CCTV system for coaching and match broadcast on your web site.

Go2Green® provides renewable heating and energy solutions for sports clubs, commercial and homes. We have been helping domestic home owners with RHI heating schemes, but this also applies to sports club – lots of hot water is used.

Working with sports pitch manufacturers, contractors and consultants, Grass4Sport can help offer a complete pitch refurb or new build solution. Our input is mainly the competitive funding solutions we have access to.

Our traditional Water2Clean solutions continue and actually whilst we cannot add sport in the subject, we do work for food companies, manufacturers, waste management and other companies who provide services for sports clubs!

Sadly today, we have to consider social distancing as the world changes rapidly. Working with our global leading manufacturer of intelligent camera solutions then Count4Shops, Count4Pubs and Count4Sport provide intelligent social distancing solutions for commercial premises – these can be adapted for any business where the general public and staff need to be protected.

We are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority, as an appointed representative, with a leading broker who also have their own substantial in-house funds for new sports facilities, astro replacement and lighting retrofits – So, with our Go2Fund, you can quickly be on your way to Save Cash & Carbon.

Our motto of Advanced Sustainability is two-fold:

  • We design and procure ethically considering the embedded and operational carbon to match or indeed exceed client expectations, and
  • We go about our business ethically with care towards the environment from the office and site functions through to travel and the supply chain, minimising our carbon footprint wherever possible

We enjoy working with like-minded clients and partners and supporting local community sports projects and charities, it’s not just about the bottom line. We also enjoy sports if we haven’t mentioned this before!