The design, supply and installation of LED lighting with advanced control systems for industry and commerce, with a focus on central driver technologies for optimum control and performance.

Our team have designed, supplied, installed and commissioned more than 150,000 LED luminaires in the UK and overseas. National supply and delivery frameworks with leading UK companies is testament to the value and service we offer.

Three national lighting Lux Awards for our team have been based on engineering excellence and project delivery of some very challenging lighting schemes.

Today we offer LED lighting and advanced control solutions for car parks, offices, commercial and industrial premises. We incorporate class leading luminaires and emergency battery kits with central driver, PoE, wireless technology and advanced controls to optimise the energy saving and reporting capability of a new or retrofit lighting system.

Starting in 2023, we are delighted to be partnering with Arkle Property Services to roll out retrofit LED lighting, with some advanced controls, to the original athlete’s accommodation blocks at the London Olympic Park.

Projects range from a few thousand pounds to one framework contract delivering £9 million of retrofit LED lighting in UK shopping centres and car parks over the past 8 years, with a financial payback achieved in just over 2 years – That’s Bright!

Courtyard Lighting
Car Park with Advanced Controls & Emergency Light Self Test & Reporting
External Canopy Lighting
Lobby Lighting