The design, supply, installation and testing of sports lighting with advanced control systems for both new build and the energy and maintenance saving retrofit of existing facilities.

Since 2011 our team has designed, supplied and installed more than 150,000 LED retrofit and new build luminaires in the UK, with three national Lux Awards.  As life-long sports enthusiasts, in 2018 we established our Lights4Sport division and sought like-minded global class manufacturing partners.

We are the exclusive UK and Irish agent for DCbright of Holland.  Their class leading Dark Licht sports floodlight system can be found across European, and indeed global, sports facilities for professional and private clubs, educational establishments and local authorities.

Dark Licht floodlights are designed to be Dark Sky compliant, that is no direct light emitted above the horizon and with precise light spill control that benefits both your neighbours and the local wildlife. Bat friendly warm temperature, typically<3,000K, lights are available to meet specific planning requirements or just to be eco friendly.

In the UK, we have installed LED floodlights for soccer, rugby, hockey, tennis, bowls with both new facilities and retrofit.

Indoors, we offer a range of sport specific luminaires for precise lighting uniformity and glare control.

Dark Licht Floodlighting

The Dark Licht range of glare free luminaires is 10 years of continued development and manufacturing refinement by DCBright, a Dutch family business with two generations of lighting expertise. Their sole focus has been floodlights with the aim to be a leading innovative lighting company providing competively priced solutions. Today, that aim has been achieved with Dark Licht floodlights specified and installed globally for sports facilities, ports, harbours, airports, mining operations, industry, commerce and transport.

The patented optical reflector design controls the light so precisely, thereby ensuring the maximum amount of light is directed onto the target area, pitch or courts, and sharply cuts-off any light spill to the surroundings and up into the sky. A range of adjustable reflectors ensures site specific lighting by design.

Importantly, the LED light sources are hidden in the back of the reflector system. This means the light source is visually not so intense, if visible at all, when viewed against the dark sky background from surrounding properties. Light spill onto nearby properties and luminous intensity when viewing the floodlights at night are a major source of complaints and indeed these parameters are strictly controlled by the local planning authorities.

Weight of replacement floodlights on lighting columns is another issue for many facilities, with the Institution of Lighting Professionals (ILP) guideline that the retrofit floodlight must weigh less AND have a smaller windage area than the existing floodlight – where not achievable, then expensive structural analyses are required to confirm the lighting column(s) and foundation are safe to reuse. Dark Licht combines very high lumen (light) output with slimline luminaire bodies and the drivers are mounted remotely at the base of the column to minimise the lighting column head weight. Every project still needs to be checked and confirmed individually and sometimes replacement columns will still be required where, for example, there is a desire to increase the overall light levels.

The Patented Optical Reflector System
Various Optical and Colour Temperature Configurations Available
Soccer Stadium & Training Complex
Outdoor Swim Stadia
Tennis Facility with Strict Light Spill Design for Local Residents
Soccer Stadium
City Sports Facility with Sharp Light Spill Cut Off
Football Ground
Inner City Sports
Tennis Match Quality Lighting
Surbiton High School Hockey Showing the Sharp Light Cut Off
Lymington Tennis Club