Your journey to Go2Green focusing on renewable energy wind turbines and solar PV plus a range of water and space heating solutions.

Do you want to start your journey to go 2 green?

Do you want to save on utility bills and save carbon?

Whilst we target a full off-grid solution, a good Go2Green start point is heating – it’s crazy to think we spend more than £14 billion per year just to heat our homes and sports clubs in the UK.  That heat just ends up in the atmosphere.

We are an MCS approved installer of heat pumps but we think these work best in combination with renewable energy solutions such as small power wind turbines and/or solar PV with battery storage systems.

We partner with Ecoprod, a leading supplier of washroom and changing room water saving solution that includes waterless urinals, sensor taps and showers and various associated hygiene and hand drying technologies.